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English language arts

Vida School’s ELA curriculum focuses on oral and written language expression, as well as developing a strong sense of comprehension and interpretation skills.  Students become aware of parts of speech, grammar, sentence structure, poetry and building a written composition.  A love for literature and reading are introduced through child-led practices in which the student engages with material that sparks an interest, addresses a curiosity, or connects to their personal lives and experiences.  Presentation and public speaking are highlighted through opportunities to present to the school community and beyond.  Our yearly “Young Author’s Conference” will allow students to write, publish, and present their own literary works.


Students explore mathematical concepts in a variety of ways.  Using concrete materials, games based learning, and creative assessment tools, students will explore a variety of concepts.  Depending on academic level, students will exercise concepts ranging from foundational skills of number sense, addition, and subtraction to more advanced concepts such as fractions, decimals and geometry.  Vida aims to go beyond rote memorization in an attempt to help students reach a deeper level of mathematical understanding.

Educational Toys
Science Class


Child led inquiry and curiosity guide our science curriculum.  Students learn what it means to ask critical questions and seek answers through use of the scientific method.  Through physical, life, Earth and space science exploration students practice asking questions, making astute observations, experimentation, creative problem-solving, pattern recognition and constructive communication.  Our STEAM fair event allows students to follow the path of scientific inquiry and research by coming up with solutions to a problem or question that interests them.  Through the lens of science, students also learn what it means to be a champion for our planet and how we can better protect our natural resources through sustainable practices.

social studies

The passage of time is an introduction to the key events in history that have shaped our world today.  A modern and responsible view of our world’s history encourages students to critically and holistically make conclusions about how our actions affect others.  Community takes center stage as students explore the concepts of individual rights and responsibilities within their local and global communities.  Students begin to learn that different cultures and communities offer differing perspectives on how we form meaning and relationships.  Through the studies of different cultures, Vida students begin to understand the concepts of respect, collaboration, and connection.  During our school Culture Expo, students research and present their own cultural and geographical family backgrounds, utilizing research, interview, and presentation skills. 

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School Kids Meditating


Mindfulness—defined by Jon Kabat-Zinn as “the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally”—can bring reduced levels of stress and anxiety, increased focus and self-regulation, and improved academic performance and sleep.  Vida utilizes games, stories, breathing exercises, and affirmations to empower students in their ability to remain present, focused, and responsive rather than reactive. 


Vida’s movement curriculum utilizes dance, martial arts, swimming, sports, outdoor exploration, and games.  The movement program aims to assist in proper cardiovascular and body development.  Through our movement activities, students develop agility, balance, and coordination.  They learn sportsmanship, cooperation, and effort.  Through our Fun Friday program, students will have access to many of our campus’ featured activities including but not limited to; water slide, go karts, climbing wall, alpine tube slide, and rope courses.


the arts

Vida students are given the freedom to discover their creative side and express themselves through fine arts and performing arts.  Vida views the Arts as an integral part of our core curriculum rather than an enrichment program on the side.  Vida students will explore famous artists, techniques and mediums as they dive into fine arts through painting, drawing, and sculpting.  All Vida students will participate in our theatre program and work together whether on stage or behind the scenes to produce a school musical.  Music, dance, and poetry will be explored as students find an outlet to express themselves in the performing arts sector.

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