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Our School

Vida School is a small community where students are guided through an individualized learning experience. Our students are challenged academically in a way that resonates for their personal learning style while taking into account a child's unique academic level, whether it be several grade levels ahead, or working on mastering foundational skills. Vida offers a whole-child focus on social / emotional learning and a commitment to hands-on, engaging experiences.  Vida's outdoor learning campus allows students to learn in an environment filled with fresh air, sunshine, and opportunities for natural exploration.

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Welcome from our Administrative Team

We're thrilled you are taking the time to learn about Vida School. Vida is a small, special, tight knit community. Our families value and respect each other and celebrate each others' diversity. Vida is a place where children feel safe and loved; where their education is guided by their own curiosity and exploration.  

Vida aims to individualize education. We spark engagement and joyful learning by allowing each child to learn in a way that caters to their own unique personality and learning style. We use current research and best practices in our commitment to weave social/ emotional learning into every aspect of our day. We are nurturing students who will be prepared for the modern world; a world where creativity, solid communication skills, an ability to fail forward, and outside the box thinking will be their most marketable skills.

We can't wait to meet your family and watch Vida make a positive difference in your child's relationship with learning.

With Deep Appreciation,

Randi and Leslie




Vida School is dedicated to nurturing students' social  and emotional growth while striving for advanced academic achievement.

Vida students think critically, creatively and holistically. We prioritize a culture of respect between parents, teachers, and students. Vida community members work together to maintain a warm, loving, safe, and joyful learning environment for all students.


Founding Principles

  • Respect For Individual Personhood

  • Deep Learning and Connection Leads to Academic Excellence

  • Dynamic Engagement

  • Social/ Emotional Learning

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